8 Things Ikea Wants You To Forget About

8 Things Ikea Wants You To Forget About

Beyond the bright and shiny showrooms, there's a dark side to Ikea that no number of modular lighting fixtures can brighten.

Massive wood consumption, alleged forced labor, Nazi ties -- it's all there in the Swedish furniture giant's past. Not that we'd blame you for not knowing. Enormously popular as it is, Ikea has done a good job of putting past controversies behind it. Yet here they are, eight frightening moments in Ikea's history the company no doubt hopes you'll forget.

"Ikea is a transparent company that deeply cares about being just and equitable," a public relations representative for Ikea wrote in an email to The Huffington Post. "We always keep the customer in mind and sometimes take precautionary measures, such as withdrawing products from sale. Currently, we are working hard to handle the food challenges we have faced. We take this very seriously as we do with all issues that are not in accordance with our standards."

Ikea's Meatballs Contained Horse Meat

8 Things Ikea Wants You To Forget About

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