This Is Ikea's Attempt To Solve Your Annoying Relationship Problems

Ikea’s clever new ad campaign is almost as good as its meatballs.

Having relationship problems? Ikea wants to help. (Which is ironic, since everyone knows Ikea is the place where relationships go to die.)

In its new ad campaign, “Retail Therapy, the Swedish superstore renamed its products to match the most commonly searched relationship problems in Sweden. Then they created a site,, to sell them all.

Now when you Google things like “He Doesn’t Want To Move In Together,” the search results include a link to a handy tooth brush holder:

Other renamed products include the “My Partner Snores” daybed and the “He Doesn’t Text Back” USB charger:

Well played, Ikea.

Watch the video below for more on the clever campaign or head to to see the full product listings.

H/T Ad Week

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