Couple Marries At Maryland IKEA

Couple Weds In Unusual Spot As Guests Eat Meatballs

So many couples fight at IKEA that "30 Rock" had a whole episode about it.

But one unique couple had such a good time together at IKEA's location in College Park, Md., that they decided to get married there.

Julie Rodgers -- she's called "Bunny" -- and Willie Pittman, who goes by "Bear," tied the knot at the Maryland IKEA on Tuesday night.

They ate Swedish meatballs, explored the store's "long natural path" and played on furniture.

"As we're leaving, we get yogurt cones and we're on the way to the parking lot when it hits me," Rodgers remembers. "I turned to him and said, 'This is one of the best dates I've ever had,' to which he said, 'This is a date?'"

Rodgers told WTTG-TV/Fox5 that she'd gone to high school in D.C. with Pittman, but then hadn't see him "for 30 years" before their fateful IKEA date.

Two years later, IKEA donated its store as the couple's wedding venue -- it also provided food (including meatballs) and decorations. An employee told WTTG-TV/Fox5 that it was "not that complicated" hosting the wedding: "Everything that we made available is products that we sell."

“Ikea did just a beautiful job of everything that they provided for us and I’m just speechless and I’m very seldom speechless,” Rodgers told WJLA-TV/ABC7.

Reactions on Twitter have been predictably varied. Some are reminiscent of all those IKEA fights. Others are mean, ambivalent or appreciative.

One is plainly political.

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