IKEA’s New Pet Furniture Line Means Fido Can Enjoy All The Hygge, Too

Seriously, IKEA, just take our money.
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Swedish meatballs. Fur shag rugs. Cheap dishware. In our eyes, IKEA can do no wrong. So when we heard that the Scandinavian furniture giant decided to bring back its pet collection this month, we were practically beside ourselves.

The pet furnishings line, called Lurvig (meaning “shaggy” in Swedish... awww), includes cat and dog beds, pet carriers, bowls, cat scratching mats, leashes, water dispensers, blankets and so much more. Best of all, the most expensive item rings up at $55. (Seriously, IKEA, just take our money.)

No room on your Kivik couch for your four-legged friend? Don’t worry — now Fido can have his own.