Ex-Republicans Are Inundating Twitter With Reasons Why They Quit The Party

People using the #ILeftTheGOP hashtag pointed to many different last straws, but there was a common theme.

Thousands of Twitter users have embraced a new hashtag to share why they chose to abandon the Republican Party.

#ILeftTheGOP was among the top trending topics Monday on Twitter, as people gave a range of reasons and dates for their decisions to opt out of the party. Many cited the Republican Party’s nomination of Donald Trump for president or specific decisions made by Trump during his presidency as the stimulus for their departure.

Political commentator Cheri Jacobus kicked off the hashtag Sunday night with her own declaration that she’d left the GOP in July 2016 when Trump became the Republican nominee for president.

Christian author Susan Bagwell chimed in with her reasoning on Monday. “#ILeftTheGOP because they no longer represent me or my values as a Christian or a conservative. They’re p***y-grabbing, lying, hateful, immoral weasels. I’m a happy Independent, now. No party owns my vote. It has to be EARNED!” she wrote.

Sophia A. Nelson, an author, opinion writer and political strategist, said she reached her turning point just this month.

“I left the GOP January 2020 because I am appalled at the GOP Senators lack of courage and excuses to Convict & Remove TRUMP,” she wrote.

Some people pointed to Trump’s 2017 endorsement of Alabama Senate hopeful Roy Moore as a catalyst. The president threw his support behind Moore even though the candidate was facing multiple allegations of sexual assault and inappropriate conduct from teenage girls and women. Media strategist Kurt Bardella, who formerly worked as a spokesperson for Breitbart News, the Daily Caller and multiple Republican politicians, shared an opinion column he wrote for USA Today at the time, announcing that the Moore endorsement was the “last straw” for him as a Republican.

Other former Republicans explained the reasons for their departure prior to the Trump presidency.

Here’s some of the commentary: