This City In Illinois Has Elected Its First Black Mayor

Allison Madison is also the city's first female mayor.
Allison Madison was elected on April 4. 
Allison Madison was elected on April 4. 

Allison Madison made history twice over on April 4 when she was elected as the first black and the first female mayor of Mound City, Illinois.

The mayor-elect was initially uncertain about whether the political bid would work out, according to local outlet KFVS.

“I just thought, ‘OK, I’ll just try this to see what can I do,’” she told KFVS. “To see if I can make a difference in the town.”

Not only is Madison thankful for her supporters, she wants them to know that she believes in them, too. 

“You can do this,” she said. “Nothing can stop you but you ― you can do this, you can be who you want to be.”

Madison will officially take office in a matter of weeks.

Another Illinois town also elected its first black mayor last week. Richard Irvin, mayor-elect of Aurora, will be sworn into office on May 9. 

Watch Madison’s interview with KFVS below. 



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