Illinois Family Travels The Country For Organ Donations

Since before their two children were born, Mike and Sheri Greiner have always dreamed of traveling the country and visiting each of the nation's 50 states. Inspired by Mike's live-saving organ transplant in 2003, the couple is dedicating their family trip to carrying the message of organ donation to each state they visit. The Greiners will kick off their trip in April, to coincide with National Donate Life Month, and they plan to travel for a year, spending at least a week in each state.

To help them disseminate their message, this tech-savy Illinois family has set up a Web site,, which offers links and information about how to register as an organ donor in each state. The Web site also offers interactive ways for Americans to get involved in the family's trip by suggesting the best places to visit.

In addition to their Web site, you can also follow the Greiners' journey on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and keep up with their blog.