Illinois Gay Marriage Supporters Discuss Legislation At Bud Billiken Parade (VIDEO)

The coalition of groups pushing for same-sex marriage in Illinois on Wednesday released a touching campaign video featuring attendees of the annual Bud Billiken parade discussing the state's marriage equality legislation.

"There is no way they should not be able to enjoy and profit and be secure in their relationships like anyone else," one same-sex marriage supporter attending the parade says in the video from Illinois Unites for Marriage.

As the Chicago Sun-Times points out, the video follows the efforts of some black religious leaders, including the Rev. James Meeks, to rally African-American voters and House lawmakers against the bill.

The video was released on the heels of Tuesday's news that former Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady had been hired by the American Civil Liberties Union to lobby for the state's marriage equality legislation, which was approved by the state Senate earlier this year before it stalled in the House in May.



Marriage Equality In Illinois