Illinois Gay Marriage Extension: House Extends Deadline To Consider And Clear Bill Next Week

hands waving gay flags in front ...
hands waving gay flags in front ...

Story by Kate Sosin, courtesy of Windy City Times

The Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, which would bring equal marriage to Illinois, has been granted a one-week extension for consideration, in a procedural move that will allow it to be heard through the end of session.

May 24 marked the deadline for consideration on Senate bills sent to the House, but the deadline on the marriage bill has been extended, as anticipated, to allow for a vote within the week. The House now has until May 31 to vote on the bill.

Chief Sponsor Rep. Greg Harris told Windy City Times he will "absolutely" call the bill to a vote before session ends at the end of the month and that it will pass.

Harris reiterated that sentiment in an email to supporters May 24.



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