Illinois' Gubernatorial Candidates in Their Own Words

Illinois voters have a difficult choice to make in less than five weeks: Who will become the next governor?

Reboot Illinois teamed up with the Better Government Association to ask the three gubernatorial candidates -- Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn, Republican Bruce Rauner and Libertarian Chad Grimm -- their thoughts on some of the most important issues facing the state.

Writes Madeleine Doubek:

While the barrage of campaign ads filled with personal attacks might make a voter feel as though she or he is contemplating a muddy mess, the questionnaire provides a clear view of some significant differences on the critical challenges in Illinois.

See for yourself what our would-be governors have to say, or refuse to say in our Reboot Illinois/Better Government Association questionnaire. We believe it will help you make your choice for our future in Illinois.

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On the questionnaire, the candidates discussed why they want to run for governor.

From Quinn:

But there's much more work to do.

That's why in the State of the State, I laid out a 5-year blueprint for economic growth in Illinois. If we follow this blueprint, we'll do three things: create more jobs, deliver stronger education and build an economy that works for everyone. I am running for a second term to finish the job and reform Illinois for the next generation.

From Rauner:

I love our state and believe we have incredible potential to lead and prosper again. Unfortunately, we've entered a downward spiral as a state, but I know we can turn it around. I am laser focused on four priorities to do that. First, we have to revitalize our economy and attract good paying jobs...Second, we need to drive results for taxpayers...Third, we need to dramatically improve education...Last, we need to enact term limits on the career politicians and make politics about public service again.

From Grimm:

I am tired of living in the most corrupt state in the union. You can barely fit a thin piece of paper between the ideology of the republicans and democrats. They are both elected by special interest groups, but my only interest is the people of Illinois!

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