Illinois News Anchors Forced To Halt Live Tornado Coverage To Take Shelter (VIDEO)

LOOK: News Anchors Halt Live Tornado Coverage To Take Shelter

Two Peoria, Ill. news anchors reporting on the devastating storms that hit their area on Sunday were forced to go off their air when they came to the realization that they needed to take shelter themselves.

Sandy Gallant, Chuck Collins, anchors for NBC affiliate WEEK-TV were mid-broadcast when they began "hearing things" that prompted them to take shelter and go off the air, WPTV reports.

A tornado reportedly struck the station's roof, according to NBC News.

The two were back on the air seven minutes later, when Gallant informed viewers they had to get off the air because, "obviously, we could hear the sound of a train right outside of our station.”

The storms have killed at least six people in Illinois and left hundreds of others homeless.

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