Illinois Rep: At Least Eight Superdelegates Secretly Supporting Obama

Rep. Jan Schakowsky says she knows of "at least eight" superdelegates who plan on voting for Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention, but have not yet made their decisions public. Schakowsky, an Obama supporter, brought up these undeclared (but apparently already decided) members of Congress in a City Desk interview with NBC5's Carol Marin that taped on Friday and aired yesterday:...

SCHAKOWSKY: Well, I mean, they're usually one-on-one conversations. And no, we know our friends and our colleagues so we try and look for the right buttons to push. But look, some people have reasons locally that they're not endorsing for their own races, everybody's up in the House of Representatives. But I do know, I would say, at least eight of my colleagues who will vote for Barack Obama at the convention. It's just a question of whether or not -- or when -- they come out and say it.

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