Illinois' Top 7 Party Schools

College experiences can be as varied as the campuses that provide their settings. Still, most include a broadening world view, expanding academic horizons and a growing circle of friends. Other schools might be known for their research opportunities or environmental sustainability. Some schools are known for the abilities of their students to have a good time.

Niche ranked Illinois colleges based on surveys completed by students who were asked to give their opinions on whether or not their college has on- and off-campus party scene options. The survey also asked how "fun, outgoing, friendly, and into partying" their peers are. Four of the top 15 Illinois party schools were also ranked on Niche's national list.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign took the no. 7 spot on Business Insider's list of "20 most fun colleges in America" as well. The Business Insider's rankings were based on the 10 categories from the Princeton Review's The Best 378 Colleges, 2014 Edition that mostly revolve around partying, athletics, Greek life, and, well -- alcohol.

Here are seven of the top party schools in Illinois, as ranked by Niche:

15. School of the Art Institute of Chicago

14. University of Illinois at Chicago

13. Northwestern University

12. Roosevelt University

11. Northern Illinois University

10. Augustana College

9. Illinois Wesleyan University

Check out which schools snagged the top eight Illinois party school spots at Reboot Illinois.

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