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An illustration series from HuffPost about life under the coronavirus quarantine.

People everywhere are trying to cope with the coronavirus, facing problems from the serious to the mundane. We’re jamming full lives into one house or apartment and attempting to stay calm about an invisible virus all around us. We’re trying to learn how to home-school our kids or make bread for ourselves. It’s a whole new world, and HuffPost’s illustration series is about how to live in it.

Each Wednesday, we’ll feature an artist offering their vision on how to handle the world today. We hope the illustrations make you think, make you smile or just give you something to do other than stare wistfully out the window.

Here’s the fourth installment, by artist Grant Shaffer. Check out more of his work on Instagram, and see previous installments of our series here, here and here.

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Grant Shaffer for HuffPost

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