'I'm Different' Video: 2 Chainz & Friends Arrest Cops, Ride In B.O.A.T.S. On Streets

2 Chainz is back with a new video. The visuals for "I'm Different" are compelling, if you're into watching Ferrari drivers arrest cops and a very tall rapper with long hair stunting around in an all-leopard ensemble. "I'm Different" is a single off "B.O.A.T.S.," which stands for "Based on a Tru Story" (Chainz doesn't like the letter "e") and might explain why Deuce is riding around in a boat for much of the video.

There is this unfortunate scene, which seems gratuitous (though the gun-toting folks did find cocaine on the offending officer):

im different video 2 chainz

Product placement roll-call: Beats by Dre and Ciroc made it in the clip.

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