'I'm Farming And I Grow It': Peterson Farm Brothers Create Agriculture Parody Of LMFAO Song (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'I'm Farming And I Grow It' Puts Agricultural Spin On Hit Song

Three young men from Kansas took to YouTube to highlight what life as a farmer is really like by putting an agricultural spin on LMFAO's hit song, "I'm Sexy And I Know It."

It took some rewriting and early-morning filming, but once "I'm Farming And I Grow It" took off, it catapulted the Peterson brothers to viral video fame.

The trio behind the video -- Greg, Nathan and Kendal -- orchestrated the shoot with help from their sister, Laura, who took charge of the camera for some of the scenes, the Wichita Eagle reports.

Since being uploaded to YouTube on June 25, the clip has received nearly 1 million views. Not too shabby for someone who said he didn't even care for the LMFAO tune.

"It's kind of a stupid song; we didn't even really like it, but it has a catchy beat," Greg said in an interview on the radio program AgriTalk.

The song features lyrics that promote agriculture, with lines such as, "This is how I roll, without me the world would be outta control / The hours I work, there is no equal / Gotta feed the mouths of hungry people."

Greg, who attends Kansas State University, told the Salina Journal he gets quizzical looks when he tells people he's studying music and agricultural communications.

But it seems the student has found a way to meld together his lines of study in order to send a clear message.

"We wanted to promote agriculture for what it really is," Greg told AgriTalk. "People need to know where their food comes from. People need to know who farmers are. We're not bad people. We're just trying to do our jobs and feed the world."

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