"I'm Goin' Fishin', Yes, I'm Goin' Fishin' and My Baby's Goin' Fishin' Too!"

Title of today's blog is a chorus of one of my all time favorite Taj Mahal songs. I sure does love me some Taj Mahal! Okay, have to make this quick since I have an appointment out of office in an hour and I'm nowhere near glam enough to take my bad self out into the big, wide world.

Believe it or not I'm actually starting to get e-mails from parents whose kids are heading back to the classroom. So today I wanted to share a really remarkable Feng Shui cure. Ask fifty gagillion clients who have tried this, (Okay, okay, ask the ten or so that I have testimonials from ... ) this fish works swimmingly.

Today's story starts with the sturgeons of the Yellow River who can, according to Chinese legend, swim upstream (Oh brother, I feel your pain!) and also swim against the current (Oh brother, alright, you get it.) in order to finally reach and then JUMP OVER the "Dragon Gate" whereupon they turn into celestial dragons. Hence The Legend of the Dragon Carp. This lore has made this fish a symbol of persistence, perseverance and scholastic success. It also is considered among the most excellent of images to use if you are climbing the corporate ladder. And we all know how slippery that can be when wet.

Anyway, Feng Shui says that you should place an image of the dragon carp high above the entrance doorway as this will then indicate that every time you step out of your home you will become the dragon, full of determination, courage, strength and success. And, in my case, some serious spackle to cover the serious circles caused by ... well, never mind that. Back to the one that didn't get away.

Positioning this fish over the entryway door says that "as if by magic" you will now feel yourself taking on the attributes of the mighty and fortune-filled dragon. This is possibly one of the best gifts that you can give yourself or anyone else with a kid in school or who's looking to achieve upward mobility by attracting 'power luck.'

Like I said earlier, I'm a goin' fishin, yes, I'm goin' fishin' and my baby's goin' fishin' too! How 'bout you??? XOE