I'm Just Saying... What Am I Saying?

I'm just saying.... One of today's catch phrases. But what people do not realize is whatever you 'just say' has the effect to change you, change others or even influence a nation. Your words have great power at can affect can you and others.

Nike says 'just do it' and has influenced the athletic world to push themselves to the next degree. Drake has claimed Toronto as 'the six' alongside the Raptors' battle cry of 'we the north' and together these two phrases have successfully and patriotically rebranded our city and country. I recently travelled to New York City; a city with its own history and people are always proud to say they are from The Big Apple. But as I walked around in a t-shirt that proudly claimed me as Property of The Six, I had so many people comment and ask about Toronto and tell me that they have plans to come to this city. A few years ago this was not the case. Words itself carry an energy. Just saying? That is the power of the word you just say.

Words that are spoken to us, that we read, that we hear, that we write, all carry an energy and a power. Most importantly, the words you tell yourself have the ability to change your destiny; they have the ability to create a new fate. Your words have the power to motivate you. Your words have immense influence; the power to make yourself your own worst enemy or your greatest motivator.

Whatever it is that you choose to surround yourself with, will likely attract other things of similar nature.Words you tell yourself, the words you surround yourself with will attract similar energy, they will attract the same power that created it. Mohammad Ali says, "I am the greatest. I told myself this even before I knew I was". Ali told himself every day, that he is the greatest boxer alive, that he is the number one. And that is exactly what he became. If you tell yourself that you are strong enough to go through it, and if you truly believe that you are exactly where you are meant to be, your thoughts will be elevated to such a height that no other lower vibration energy will affect you.

Lets look at words, or maybe look at these words as if they were lyrics in a song. If you hear or read words like anger, sad, depression your mind automatically turns to lower vibrations and your energy is brought down. However, if and when we read words like happiness, inspiration, optimism, and laughter, our heart smiles, our thoughts are elevated along with the vibration of energy around us.

How do we elevate our thoughts? Courage, Confidence and Conviction. It takes courage to look at yourself and tell yourself that you are great, that you are deserving. So the first step is to have the courage to believe in yourself. As the great Buddha so lovingly said, We are what we think and what we think we become. Have the courage to be able to be proud of yourself but also have the confidence that you deserve this, have the confidence to raise your self-worth. Have confidence in your abilities. And finally move forward with every decision you make with complete conviction. This will allow you to elevate yourself, higher than any negativity and allow you to be surrounded with positive energy. Just tell yourself, you can do it. Or better yet, Just Do It. And do so with a smile.