I'm Liberal, But I Joined Almost 30 Pro-Trump Facebook Groups

The only things I read now are things shared by Trump’s Facebook voters.
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Two weeks ago, I joined 25+ of Facebook’s most active, most popular and biggest Donald Trump voter groups, nearly 2 dozen Facebook groups in all, representing more than 1 million voters. Three of whom have seen Blackish on ABC and a couple of dozen who pronounce “fajita” – “fah-jeet-uh.”

Anyway, I quit all the liberal pages I read like Mother Jones, HuffPost, NY Times, Slate and anything with “Science” in the title. I unfriended all my friends and now my Facebook news feed is JUST 100% pure Donald Trump 24/7. The only thing I read now are things shared by Trump’s Facebook voters: the news stories they love; both real and fake, the memes they create and the polls they love, like today’s, which asked:

Do you consider black lives matter a terrorist organization?

At the time I read that particular post, 500 people said yes, black lives matter is a terrorist organization. While down in the comments, two people thought “Black Lives Matter” was that Denzel Washington movie about a gay drunken pilot who teaches NASA how to do math that no one saw but still won the Oscar for best picture.

Moving on. For my first report (of many) I’d like to share with you today’s Top 5 Fake News stories. And while yes, these are all clearly fake news, I didn’t make them up. These are the actual items shared – apparently without irony or a raised eyebrow - in dozens of pro-Trump Facebook groups by Donald Trump voters on Wednesday March 1st.

The #5 fake news story: Trump’s housekeeper found loose joints that Obama hid in White House.

Of course that’s a fake story. Obama doesn’t smoke pot. Everyone knows. He’s a tweeker. He rubs meth into his scalp. It’s why his hair turned gray.

You can see the rest of the fake news by checking out the video below.

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