I'm Lovin' It: Artist Marc Horowitz to Do Book Signing in L.A. McDonald's

(All images courtesy of the artist, the Depart Foundation, and NERO)

Los Angeles creatives are the kings and queens of coming up with innovative ways to display their wares - from unusual ad campaigns for an upcoming film release, or subliminal messaging on a billboard.

Artist Marc Horowitz and the Depart Foundation have one upped Hollywood this week with one of the most unusual ways to showcase an artist yet: on Friday, January 29th, artist Horowitz will sign Phillips Auction Catalog in conjunction with his first solo exhibition with the aforementioned foundation at McDonald's on Wilshire Boulevard.


In a typically droll and self-referential move, Horowitz has created an art book of an art book (To note: the book is published by NERO and presented in conjunction with Interior, Day (A Door Opens). Appropriating a found Phillips auction catalog, the artist has photographed each page of an art catalog, having placed on the pages the residues of junk food.

Creating not only an art book of an art book, Horowitz has created a fun, subversive pop-up experience for the art fan. It is a Happy Meal, indeed.

DETAILS: Marc Horowitz Signing, 7-9PM
McDonald's, 6345 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048
RSVP: rsvp@departfoundation.org