I'm Mad As Hell... And You Should Be Too!

This week was monumental. I watched both conventions all four nights each week and was amazed at the differences. One convention was all about hate and fear and the other was about love and unity.

Whether you are a Democrat or not, having a woman at the top of a ticket is a big deal. Tears streamed down my face as she accepted the nomination. I wanted to stand up and shout! Since becoming a grandmother nearly a year ago my thoughts have focused inward on our world and the events around us. Having been an educator all my life, I now look differently at schools. I want the best for my granddaughter in all areas of her life. I want her to have the best teachers and go to the best school whether it be public or private.

I want her to be able to achieve whatever she wants to strive for. I want her to be treated equally in the workplace and in the world. I want her to dream as big as she wants to dream.

My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude at the chance our country has at having a female president. Now I have always believed that a Facebook post or a blog will not change a person's opinion. I have seen the blogs and posts from both sides, but here is where I do hope I can change some opinions. Whatever you believe do it with love, not bullying.

This morning I had the privilege of visiting with my friend Juanita in her home. Juanita is around my age and lives in the home of her mother and father, her two sons and her sister and nephew. The laundry was on the line and I had to weave slowly through it to get inside her home. My friend Juanita lives in Loreto, located in Southern Baja. We have struck up a friendship while she was working as the security guard of where I live in Loreto Bay. Loreto Bay is an expat community made up of American's and Canadians. Our homes are much different than theirs in Loreto.

Juanita and I speak only bits of each other's native tongue but we can usually understand what each of us is trying to communicate. Her father, Miguel washes cars in Loreto Bay. Today I was treated to homemade tamales and fresh juice made from their mango tree. They offered me one of their only chairs to sit on.

As I sat in their casa that they welcomed me in with warm smiles, hugs and kisses I had to fight back the tears. These are the people that Donald Trump calls criminals and rapists. These are the people that he is so afraid of that he needs to build a wall between our two countries.

Donald Trump would never sit in the chair that I sat in today. He has no idea who these people are, and he doesn't want to know who they are. I am a small representative of what it is to be an American to these people. I bring smiles and love to my community here in Baja.

My Mexican friends hear the news and are worried about a Trump presidency. They don't quite understand the hatred that this man has spread. I tell them he does not represent my America, nor does he represent so many of my friends beliefs. They say to me in their broken English, "why he speak like that about my family?"

I swallow down my sadness and grasp their hands in mine and say, "he doesn't know what he is saying, he has no idea how wonderful you are. No matter how much money he has, he will never be as rich as you are."

And I mean every word I speak, I think back to the graffiti on the wall I saw in La Paz: some people are so poor, all they have is money.

I have to let the anger release when I think about Donald Trump and his thoughts on my friends from Mexico. He has no idea what it means to have nothing, and yet be so rich in so many ways.

I plan on taking my anger and using it for good. I will continue to live each day showing my Mexican friends what a real American acts like.

Come November, I hope you all will vote for the candidate you think represents America, I know who will be getting my vote.