'I'm Not Defending Rape, But...'

See No EvilHear No EvilSpeak No Evil
See No EvilHear No EvilSpeak No Evil

"Not all men rape!"

That doesn't mean that all women aren't at risk. So, instead of focusing on innocent men who don't play into this discussion, can we please focus on all the innocent women who do?

"She was drunk, what did she expect would happen?"

A cab ride home, a broken high heel, and a headache. Rape is a crime, not a consequence.

"Rape wouldn't happen if we taught our daughters how to better protect themselves."

Yeah, and fires wouldn't happen if everyone owned a fire extinguisher.

Sexism is when a judge gets to legally prioritize the safety of a rapist over the safety of every single woman he'll come across in his life.

Racism is when prison is full of black males charged with non-violent offenses, but considered too "severe" for a white rapist convicted of three felonies.

Privilege allows you to read that and still roll your eyes and deny either exist.


Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-656-HOPE for the National Sexual Assault Hotline.