'I'm Not Gay No More'

I've seen the video of the gay man being "delivered" in church:

Some find it funny. I think it's sad. And I don't blame him, because it's not his fault. It's the delusion, deception and power of the church (man). Many gay men have tried to pray the gay away, just not publicly. And when it didn't happen, some found themselves married to women with hopes of curing it. This time last year I was involved briefly with a married man who believed he had the courage to leave his wife to live his truth, but he's still locked in a marriage, even posting pictures of himself with his wife on Facebook to continue the illusion that he is happy, and that he isn't gay. Other gay men still struggling with themselves are drug-addicted, suicidal, addicted to porn, having anonymous sex in a public park or with strangers they meet online because they can't seem to overcome the untruths about being gay. Then there are those of us who refuse to pretend to be anything other than who we are, who we were created to be. Sexuality is instinctive. It isn't a choice, nor is it decided. It's how we're wired.