I'm Not Sick Of OJ

Before you start throwing peanuts at your screen... let me tell you why I, for one, am NOT sick of OJ Simpson.

Sure, he makes for good ratings. Sure, there's an element of Schadenfreude that's associated with him. But it's how every move he makes delivers one more ounce of justice to the people who have suffered the most by his actions.

For the last 13 years, the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson have lived with pictures of a carefree OJ Simpson golfing his way around America, while hundreds of thousands of people applaud him, pay for autographs, and buy into his innocence.

Thanks to one of the worst examples of American jurisprudence in history, OJ was found not guilty of murder. But with every miss-step caught by the press, with every chapter penned about How He Would Have Done It Had He Actually Done It, with every sordid character he befriends, and with every snub to the bail system, public support for OJ Simpson has been hemorrhaging.

Back in October of 1995, a survey reported in the NY Times showed just 12 percent of black people said they believed OJ was guilty of murder.

Fast forward to this past September, post book deal and post arrest. The Washington Post conducted a poll showing that disdain for OJ Simpson had ballooned within the black community . A whopping 45 percent of black respondents now said they believe OJ was guilty of murder.

Is hindsight 20/20? Or has the spotlight on a reckless criminal revealed his lack of contrition, his propensity for violence, and his sordid lifestyle.

Thanks to relentless coverage of Simpson's travails, a window has been provided into this man's true soul.

You might call it a little clarity for those who were once blinded by his Heisman.