'I'm Renting My Flat To A Fat American Family' Totes Commemorate 2012 Olympics (PHOTOS, POLL)

Kate Miltner already contributed greatly to the world with her London School of Economics dissertation on LOLcats. But she's given us another gift by recently tweeting an awesome photo, bringing an important new fashion product to our attention.

Maiden, a U.K. purveyor of stationery, tote bags and other cute knick-knacks, has gotten into the Olympics spirit, selling a series of humorous Olympic-themed products. The highlight of the collection? A cheeky canvas bag that reads, "I'm Renting My Flat To A Fat American Family."

Which isn't to say that American fans visiting London for the 2012 Olympics this week are necessarily overweight. But the £15.00 tote bag is amusing nonetheless.

At least we think it is. Do you find the dig at Americans bothersome? Check out the "America family" bag, as well as two other funny designs, below... and if you're so inclined, pick one up at Maiden.com.

im renting my flat to a fat american family

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