"I'm Shocked, Shocked", Obama Consorts with Evangelicals

What are all you guys who voted for Obama doing complaining about an Evangelist delivering the invocation at his inauguration? To quote what I wrote in this space in July: Obama has promised "faith-based groups, 'more federal tax money than George W. Bush gave them'".

On July 1st, in a speech to Evangelicals, Barack "called for a 'partnership between the White House and grassroots groups, both faith-based and secular'"... not only did [he] promise to outspend George Bush, but he promised to establish "'a new council for Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships that will be a critical part of [his] administration.' He added that his "Council", in contrast to President Bush's similar group, 'will have a broader role -- it will not be just another name on the White House organization chart -- it will be a critical part of my administration.' He also proclaimed that, 'it [the Faith-Based Group] will help set our national agenda.'"

If Obama's Faith-Based Group is going to help set our national agenda, why can't it have one of its own deliver the invocation? Pastor Rick Warren does oppose abortion and same-sex marriage. I doubt that will make it to President Obama's national agenda, but then again, one never knows , does one, and, if it makes it to the agenda, we can't say he didn't give us fair warning.

No excuse to be shocked now.

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