I'm Starting With The Man In The... Front Row

I'm sad about Michael Jackson's death. But there is a bright side, this guy:


You know you know him. He is the dude we keep seeing over and over and over again in the front row screaming like crazy at Michael's last press conference in London. Just watch his gorgeous enthusiasm around minute 1:18 in the video below:

Oh you International fans, you. The first time I saw this footage on the news I must have hit rewind on my TiVo at least a dozen times. Then I found it on YouTube and saved it as a favorite so that when I'm feeling down, I just watch Stefan. Crazy? Perhaps but I can't stop. I can't stop till I get I enough of Stefan.

No, I'm not sure Stefan is this guy's name, but I'd like to think it is. Stefan or perhaps Franck. Let's go with Stefan. He just looks like a Stefan. But please Stefan, feel free to email me and correct me and tell me your proper name. Please email me Stefan. Please.

God, I love Stefan. Stefan doesn't care what anyone thinks. Stefan isn't afraid to show how he feels. Stefan is the feel good story of the year. I mean, how many of us out there have the courage like Stefan to shamelessly love something so openly, so passionately, so hysterically? What an inspiration.

So the next time you feel upset because you miss Michael, or you're upset because of the recession, or you're upset because you had yet another horrible Internet date, it won't stop raining, the line was too long at Starbucks and you're trapped in your air conditioning-less cubicle without caffeine, all of your friends have the best ski trip weekend ever and you were blatantly not invited, you missed the much talked about season finale of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, you get too drunk at your brothers wedding and vomit on yourself before giving the speech, you fall down a flight of stairs landing with your skirt around your waist on the one day you don't wear underwear because you couldn't afford to do laundry. No matter what it is that is making you feel blue, just remember...

Thanks Stefan for making the world a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race. You are without a doubt the king of pop...fans.