'I'm Staying A Virgin So I Don't Disappoint My Family'

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By "Courtney," 19

To me, the word "sex" means something you do after marriage. And if you decide to have pre-marital sex, that means you want to bring your family to shame.

Where I come from, we have a generally different idea about sex, especially pre-marital sex. I was born in the Middle East, and the idea of pre-marital sex being a sin has long been engraved in my brain. There is a long list of social consequences and prices a teenage girl must pay if she has sex before marriage. I personally have a boyfriend who's no longer a virgin (sex for a teenage boy is a completely different argument).

Since we started going out, I've mentioned that I have to remain a virgin simply because of the amount of trouble I'd go through if I wasn't. Lucky for me, he is understanding enough and I'm happy with how things are between us.

I am indifferent when it comes to sex. As much as I think it's a personal choice (coming from an Arab!), I still believe that sex is for adults and adults only. I don't want to risk getting pregnant, and I most certainly don't want to risk my family's "reputation" for an orgasm that lasts less than five minutes.