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Imagine there’s no countries

It isn’t hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for

And no religion too

Imagine all the people

Living life in peace… - John Lennon

The past year has been another level of pain and grief.

From numerous terror attacks in major cities; police violence; violence against police; race-based crimes; gender and sexual orientation-based mass murders.

The list goes on and on.

We are spiritually and mentally exhausted.

The big question is: How do we stop this?

 Other questions which arise are:

Is this human nature?

Are we forever going to be enthralled the tension between war and peace?

Annihilation and thriveability ?

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We live in the most rapidly changing times in our human and earth evolution.

Our climate is changing rapidly, our population is growing beyond our earth’s carrying capacity .

All of this is the harsh reality that we are living into. A lot of it is our responsibility. Not our fault―as we didn’t intend to grow beyond our earth’s limits. But, nonetheless, we need to now roll up our sleeves and work on some wicked solutions to all these civilizations threatening wicked problems.

How do we find hope in all of this? What is the way to imagine a better world, when the world has become too harsh to bear?

 I believe it’s all about the stories we create.

Stories brought us here and hopes lie in the stories we may tell about a better future.

“If you can dream it you can do it,” said Walt Disney.

So we get the chance to imagine a future, so bright, so wonderful, that it will inspire us to join forces and build it.

How do we start creating this world that works for all beings? That support not only us humans, but every creature that walks, flies, swims or crawls on this planet we call Earth?

What if we start with design questions and imagine scenarios we can create?


<a href="" target="_blank">One Under The Sun</a>

In their beautiful allegorical movie, One Under the sun, Directors Vincent Tran & Riyaana Hartley

Tell the tale of the spiritual awakening of Astronaut Kathryn Voss, the sole survivor of a disastrous space shuttle mission, who in her desperation to be united with her terminally ill daughter becomes a wanted fugitive after discovering she possesses an extraordinary gift.


In our conversations, we all mused about the new human story and the collective narrative that needs to emerge for us to discuss the possibility for a bright future for our civilization:

“We have progressed from fearing the light at the end of the cave, to fearing the world is flat, to fearing our brothers and sisters. In this journey from dark to light, contraction to expansion, separation to connection, it is time for us to start a new epoch, one in which we realize and exercise the powerful force that is love.” - Riyaana Hartley, Director

In musing on the concept behind their design question, we discussed how hard it is to imagine the absence of war:

“War is the absence of love and segregation of humanity. We have forgotten our common bond as a human family falling victim to unmerited fears. Is it so hard to imagine a day without war, or is it just a story we tell ourselves to avoid making a responsible choice?” -Vincent Tran, Director

One of the issues of our modern society is  the total hold the NEWS has on our perception of our reality.

Yes, there has been horrible news in the past few years. The NEWS has gone from bad to worse.

But we need to remember . It’s also the NEWS which perpetuates the narrative of sensationalism, the narrative of hate, segregation, us versus them. The narrative of DUALITY.

We, collectively, do not control the NEWS. It is a by-product of thousands of years of creating a messaging platform for the ruling elite, which controls it. Thus, whoever is in control, also controls the news - the story.


We need to wake up to the stories of NONDUALITY; the stories of the goodness in the world.

With all the horrors that are happening globally, we need to remember that, just today:

Millions of people had dinner together; Kissed their kid as they put tucked them in bed; made love; walked their dog; held hands while watching a movie; help an elderly cross the street; Smiled at a random person; gave a donation.

Millions of millions of people did just that. It never made the NEWS. As the NEWS is the exception to the norm. The norm is good people, living their lives.

When you sit with that, hope comes back.

When you imagine a day without war - you invite all those millions to make their voices heard.

To tell the tale of goodness, family, togetherness and love.


This is how we start to create the future we want to live into.

This is an invitation to us all to decide how to create the new epoch, the new human narrative:

A human race, which takes care of its own and takes care of its home planet.

A human race that thrives without destroying; Lives without fearing the other; Is peaceful and not war mongering.

A human race that is One Under the Sun.

One Under The Sun (2016) Exclusive Clip | Huffington Post

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