Dan Reynolds Of Imagine Dragons Has Perfect Reply To Critics After Band Scores Rock Honor

The "Radioactive" singer laughed off those who weren't thrilled by his band's presence on Billboard‘s Rock Songs of the Decade chart.

Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds has no time for purist rock fans sore about his band’s success. 

On Tuesday, Billboard unveiled its Top Rock Songs of the Decade ranking, with Imagine Dragons represented in the top spots with three of its biggest hits. 

“Believer,” from the band’s 2017 album “Evolve,” crowned the list. “Thunder,” also released in 2017, and 2012’s “Radioactive” came in at No. 2 and No. 3 respectively, ahead of songs by Panic! at the Disco and Twenty One Pilots.  

As with all of Billboard’s charts, the ranking was based on sales, airplay and streaming numbers. Still, the list instantly divided fans, including many who expressed their distaste for the music outlet designating Imagine Dragons as a rock band. 

“Just because a song has percussion doesn’t mean it’s rock,” one person wrote. Added another: “This is a pretty damned accurate list of Best Songs For Riverdale Characters To Bang To. That’s it.” 

Hours after the chart was released, Reynolds responded to both his band’s supporters and detractors with a suitably cheeky tweet. 

Minutes later, the singer-songwriter offered a few more thoughts, and said he felt “incredibly blessed” to be reflecting on his band’s success at the end of a decade. 

“The world can debate what genre it belongs in,” Reynolds added. “That’s not my concern.”  

Just weeks ago Reynolds told CNN that he and his bandmates would be taking some time off to “reconnect with family and friends” after years spent touring the globe. 

“We were on the road for really a decade straight,” Reynolds, a Las Vegas native and father of four, said. “So all of us were just wanting to rediscover what it means to be, you know, a dad or a friend or a son.”

Still, he plans to spend part of that downtime writing new music. 

“I wake up and it gives me an excuse to go into a room by myself and be in a place, you know, solitude and create art and that brings me a lot of peace,” he said