Imagine Spending Your First Night Homeless on Your 18th Birthday.

This one wrecked me. I was crossing a street in Salt Lake City and saw Sergei. I asked him if he would like some socks. He responded "I don't have any money," which was the first sign Sergei was new to the streets. I just didn't know how new.

That day was Sergei's 18th birthday. That day was also his first night homeless.

Many of you have asked for more details. I am sorry, but I became emotional and didn't get much information. To me, just the look on his face was enough to understand his pain.

Many of you also asked how you can help. Please support homeless youth organizations like Safe Place.

I have worked with homeless youth before in Hollywood, but this was my first time with This year, I am on a road trip, going out with a few homeless youth outreach teams. It's an important story that needs to be told. I am just not sure I am ready. Sergei's story broke my heart.

Please support Safe Place, Covenant House, and similar organizations helping troubled youth. PLEASE!

Please remember that hundreds of kids 'age out' of the foster care system when they turn 18 and end up on the streets homeless. We need to do something about the homeless youth crisis.

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