Iman The Edit Interview: 'I'm Not A Model Anymore..I'm Just Me' (PHOTOS)

Iman turned 58-years-old Thursday, which promptly reminded us what "Gone With The Wind Fabulous" really means. The fashion icon has managed to memersize fashion fans (and beyond) for nearly 40 years and shows no signs of slowing down.

In an interview with Net-A-Porter's digital glossy, The Edit, Iman opened up about her career, family, gaining weight with glee (seriously) and more. While the age-defying beauty doesn't consider herself a "model" any more -- the role of mother, mogul and Mrs. David Bowie suits her just fine.

Check out a few of our favorite quotes from Iman's interview with The Edit and flip through the slideshow below for a look at the Somalian stunner's amazing style evolution.

On modeling: "I'm not a model any more. I'm just me. I'm not working in front of a camera."

On swapping clothes with David Bowie: "Absolutely no, no. I can't fit in his clothes; I don't have a boy's body. I wasn't built that way."

On her daughter, Alexandria Zahra, possibly modeling: "I definitely will not encourage my daughter to do it."

On her recent weight gain after breaking her foot: "My natural weight is 130 pounds and I'm 142 now. I was 160 when I was pregnant, so it's a little too much for me. Still, I call it natural Botox. I look at myself in the mirror and I've never looked younger. It's the weight I have put on."

On being a normal family in New York City: "I still take my little girl to school. David picks her up. It's easier than any place we've ever lived. People are too cool to bother you."

On being a successful black woman: "I think it is easier for people to understand successful people of color now. It's very mainstream; it's not unusual. I'm not constantly in the papers but I think that works for me. It's given me longevity."



Iman's Style Evolution