This Spin Class Makes You Feel Like You're Soaring Through Space

This is how exercise should be done.

Spin classes can be particularly exhaustive, but one cycling studio is making the pain more tolerable by providing riders with captivating visuals during their workout.

IMAXShift, a Brooklyn-based class that opened earlier this year, offers spinning courses where riders sit in front of a IMAX screen and are immersed in views of sunsets, mountains, the solar system and other sights.

Cyclers during an IMAX Shift watch moving images of mountains.
The Huffington Post
Cyclers during an IMAX Shift watch moving images of mountains.

IMAXShift CEO Bryan Marcovici said the images help shift cyclers’ attention away from the exercise’s intensity.

“The science of distraction is really interesting,” he told The Huffington Post. “We’re taking the focal point outside of the riders’ head and giving them something in front of them to actually anchor to.”

Jesse Alexander, a master spin instructor at IMAXShift, said “people work harder when they’re visually distracted and visually immersed.”

“When they see something, that makes them want to pedal faster,” he continued. “When they see something, that makes them want to turn the resistance up. It becomes a far more effective workout.”

For those who can’t just run off to an IMAX spin class, try exercising with a friend or thinking about a problem you hope to solve in order to occupy your mind. Research shows that distracting yourself from exercise discomfort may push you to work harder. The benefits of fitness are boundless ― from better mental health to a lower risk of heart disease.

Take a look at the video above to discover the benefits of visual distraction during your workout.

This video was produced and shot by Alex Kushneir and edited by Jenna Kline.

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