<i>Meet The Press</i>: A Hint Of 'Trouble' For Blagojevich

: A Hint Of 'Trouble' For Blagojevich

Of course, with all the attention being given to Rod Blagojevich today, my mind races back to President-Elect Barack Obama's interview with Tom Brokaw from this past weekend, and this exchange:

MR. BROKAW: You still have some appointments to make coming up, and there's also a good deal of consideration here in Illinois about who will replace you in the Senate. But in New York this weekend the big buzz is Caroline Kennedy in the United States Senate, perhaps as the appointment to fill the seat that Hillary Clinton is expected to vacate if she gets confirmed as secretary of state.


MR. BROKAW: Is that a good idea?

PRES.-ELECT OBAMA: Well, let me tell you this. Caroline Kennedy has become one of my dearest friends and is just a, a wonderful American, a wonderful person. But the last thing I want to do is get involved in New York politics. I've got enough trouble in terms of Illinois politics.

Now, if, say, the Obama camp was aware of the Fitzmas probe on Blago at the time of the interview, that forgotten moment takes on an added bit of frisson, doesn't it?

Anyway, It's funny to think about how the press woke up this morning prepared to obsess over Caroline Kennedy's tattoo. Yep! Some day we're having ourselves, right?

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