IMF Protesters Try to Disrupt Cambridge University Address by Strauss-Kahn

(photo credit: Steve Clemons, The Washington Note)

IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn is "cool under fire", as Central European University President John Shattuck said when introducing him, and didn't break his stride during his interesting presentation to a group convened by the Institute for New Economic Thinking at Kings College, University of Cambridge.

I am sitting in the hall now -- listening to Strauss-Kahn and witnessing the disruption. The above photo was snapped by me a few moments ago.

Those in the hall during Strauss-Kahn's talk and the disruption include George Soros, Financial Services Authority Chief Lord Adair Turner, UT Austin's James K. Galbraith, the American Prospect's Robert Kuttner, Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz, financier and writer Marshall Auerback, former IMF chief economist and blog provocateur Simon Johnson, Naked Capitalism blogger Yves Smith, Institute for New Economic Thinking Executive Director Rob Johnson, Economic Policy Institute President Lawrence Mishel, and others.

-- Steve Clemons publishes the popular political blog, The Washington Note. Clemons can be followed on Twitter @SCClemons