How Granting Undocumented Immigrants Citizenship Will Boost The U.S. Economy (INFOGRAPHIC)

LOOK: How Granting Undocumented Immigrants Citizenship Will Boost The Economy

Critics of U.S. immigration policies have long described the system as broken and flawed -- a structure that often forces the country's 11.1 million undocumented immigrants into secretive lives and dangerous, underpaid work.

So with a potential reform bill on the table, it's worth pondering the economic consequences of granting citizenship to the undocumented. Luckily, the Center for American Progress has done just that. In a new report, entitled "300 Million Engines of Growth," the left-leaning think tank predicts that such a decision would increase the wages of undocumented immigrants by some 15 percent.

That, in turn, would subsequently provide additional tax revenue at the local, state and federal level. And that could help create American jobs and boosts the country's gross domestic product. How exactly? Here's a chart that lays it out quite simply:

immigration chart

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