Immigration's Impact on Jobs

Amnesty encourages unlawful immigration by ...favoring those who come to this country illegally over those who wait in the legal immigration system. Increasing border security ... does not fix our problems it only piles unaffordable costs on the abuse of failing entitlement programs... The average illegal immigrant household receives more in benefits than they pay in taxes." Heritage Foundation

In addition, "illegal immigrants account for approximately 75 percent of drug possession cases... " according to Jonathan Turley, U.S. Sentencing Commission.

Undocumented immigrants have landed in Syracuse New York, my hometown enforce. The Near Westside, one of the oldest Syracuse neighborhoods where, in the early 1900's many wealthy families including the Mayor of Syracuse lived in stately homes, beautiful fountains, etc., today, is impoverished and home to Syracuse's growing Latino community with high numbers of Puerto Rican and Cuban families. Described today, Syracuse is one of America's poorest cities in the country." United Way of Central New York. As a result, many native Syracusan's and countless others have moved away.

All that aside, regardless of how you feel about Donald Trump's proposal to deport 4 million illegal immigrants or the Supreme Court rejecting President Obama's Executive order to try and circumvent Congress and allow the millions of undocumented immigrants to stay in this country, obtain work permits and receive a host of government benefits ... or even how you feel about crime and our very real inability to properly vet these undocumented workers to protect our citizens from terrorists, there is an even more practical question that faces America as demographics dramatically shift and immigration issues intensify: the aging population of America and our declining domestic birth rates.

Americans' life expectancy will soon hit 80 and those over 65 will make up almost 25 percent of the population. With fertility rates of less than two births per woman we are destined to be a country of elders and not youth. This has tremendous consequences for our economy and culture.

A more practical argument: who will run our factories and farms in 20 years? Who will care for our baby boomers as they require nursing home care? Undocumented workers take the housekeeping and hospitality jobs, CNA (Certified Nursing Assistants) positions, manufacturing, manual and menial jobs Americans don't want. While undocumented workers may fill employment vacancies, it is eroding our communities and our culture. Ref. Syracuse, New York.

According to my brother, Stephen Sarsfield Bowman, President, Peregrine Companies, "history shows us that really no foreign immigrant group has been spared the wrath of racially based stereotypes from the previously admitted older "native" Americans. After the Civil War came the great wave of immigration creating tens of millions of new Americans which was not to end until the Immigration Act of 1924 which established minimal quotas. This legislation was intended to target mostly Italians and Greeks who, based on Social Darwinist ideas about their mental inferiority, were undeserving of American citizenship. The Japanese however, for the same reason, were banned completely until 1952. A new brutal strain in the American character has been exposed." We should refer to and learn from history and deal with it.

Judith Bowman is president and founder of Protocol Consultants International and author of "Don't Take the Last Donut..." and "How to Stand Apart @ Work ... " Email her at