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Immobilized Economy? It's the Astrology, Stupid!

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On the surface, it appears no matter what the government does, the economy remains in a tailspin. The only people who seem to be saying, "We told you so" other than Republicans are astrologers. You can write them off as non-credible sources if you like, but many soothsayers insist they foresaw America's financial collapse as early as 2007, and they don't see light at the end of this miserable tunnel anytime soon.

According to practicing astrologer Samuel Reynolds whose popular website gets thousands of hits, Uranus recently went into Aries for the first time in 83 years -- and he says the last time that happened was during the Great Crash of 1929. And to make matters worse, in 2011 Pluto and Uranus will be at odds with each other, which tea-leaf readers believe spells more bad news, especially for next summer. Reynolds predicts there will be further political and economic upheavals leading up to the national elections which probably won't bode well for President Obama's re-election campaign.

What do they know, you ask? Well, some astrologers famously predicted the terrorist attacks in 2001 because of the planetary configuration of Saturn and Pluto at the time. Renowned astrologer Robert Zoller even correctly predicted the range of dates and was spot on.

But some see the glass as half-full rather than half-empty. Elaine Meryl Brown, Marsha Haygood and Rhonda Joy McLean say it's still possible to carve out opportunities during these lean economic times. The trio authored The Little Black Book of Success and the business executives say even if the stars are not aligned in the right order, you can still make it to the top -- although it may take a bit longer. They say women, in particular, must have a clear plan of action and be willing to step outside their comfort zone. They believe that the positioning of planets have little to do with individual success, if you understand and respect the rules of business.

When will the planets align in a favorable position? Samuel Reynolds says we may find ourselves waiting until 2013. Lucky 13? Don't bank on it.

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