#ImOldEnoughToKnow These Truths

A Twitter hashtag we can relate to.

And don't we all.

With age comes wisdom, so with that in mind, we sought to find some truths -- or at least some laughs -- while the hashtag #ImOldEnoughToKnow was trending on Twitter. Here are some of our picks:

And don't we all.

Words to live by?

Mother was wrong.

But she was right on this one.

And this one.

And absolutely on the money here.

She'd stick her head out the front door and scream if we didn't.

Mr. Extended Warranty must be a very rich man.

File these two under "stuff you see on eBay."

We had a crush on Tony the Tiger.

Long may this rest in peace.

Technology hasn't improved some experiences.

Amen, Sista!

Or put another way:

Admit it, you never got the Simpsons either.

Not your fault, friend, not your fault.

Are you really sure?

OK, but let's not tell the kids.

And it won't fit in your pocket.

Just Google it.

The best way to look at growing older.

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