June 20 Is Impact Journalism Day, Spreading Solutions Stories Across The Globe

Impact Journalism Day: June 20


Impact Journalism Day is this Saturday, June 20. Forty-eight news organizations from 43 countries around the world will participate in a day dedicated to focusing on solutions-based stories.

The organization behind Impact Journalism Day, Sparknews, invited news outlets to take a solutions approach and "share stories of hope, change and innovation." Each participating news organization will publish a set of stories highlighting solutions to global issues. The hope is that, by sharing these stories about people, places and events happening all over the world, Impact Journalism Day will inspire change on a global level.

Among the organizations participating are The Huffington Post, The Sunday Times, China Daily, Al Hayat (Saudi Arabia), L’Economiste (Morocco), The Straits Times (Singapore), Ta Nea (Greece), The Nation (Nigeria), Excelsior (Mexico), El Watan (Algeria) and Politiken (Denmark).

Take a look at all the participating outlets:

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Last year's Impact Journalism Day had a tremendous impact. But its potential is about much more than just raising awareness. It's a project that can transform newsrooms, as more news organizations embrace a solutions-oriented approach that goes beyond "If it bleeds, it leads."

Impact Journalism Day 2015 is expected to result in more than 100 stories and projects with a reach of some 100 million readers and 10 million people on social media.

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