Kind Cop Caught On Camera Giving Homeless Man Shoes Instead Of Ticket

Kind Cop Caught On Camera Giving Homeless Man Shoes Instead Of Ticket

It took a truly generous person to perform this random act of kindness, and another with a large social media presence to give it the attention it deserves.

On Monday, an officer from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department stopped at a red light near an exit off I-65 where a homeless man named Fred can frequently be found panhandling and clearing trash off the highway. The cop didn't pull over to give him a ticket, reported Fox59. Instead, he grabbed a new pair of boots from his trunk and offered them to Fred. They were far too small for him to wear, but Fred knew another struggling man in Indianapolis who could make good use of them and planned to share his good fortune, according to WTHR.

As if the policeman's kind actions weren't enough, Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert was driving past the two men as the work boots exchanged hands, reported 21Alive. He quickly snapped a photo and shared it via Twitter and Instagram with his fans, and the posts have already received tens thousands of likes nationwide.

Despite the mass appreciation for his generosity, the police officer has yet to come forward with his identity, and Fred told WTHR that he doesn't want to help reveal it for fear of getting him into trouble. Fred has been homeless since 2011, according to RTV6, and is very thankful that the officer offered to help him rather than write him a citation.

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