Impeach Democratic Presidents Bill

Impeach Democratic Presidents Bill
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Michele Bachmann, retiring Minnesota Congresswoman, has introduced a bill that any Democrat who gets elected president should immediately be impeached.

Bachmann previously told Fox News's Neil Cavuto that "What we should do right now is defund the executive branch while we have the option. What we can do further is impeach the elected official."

But, dissatisfied with the after-the-fact nature of such an impeachment, Bachmann's bill would immediately impeach any Democrat who should get elected as soon as he or she is declared victorious.

Bachmann explained her logic: "Any Democrat who gets elected is going to be a substance abuser, womanizer, socialist, and disloyal to the United States of America. Just look at our last two Democratic presidents."

Building up steam, Bachmann continued, "Democrats just don't believe in God and the Constitution the way that real Americans do. Their values are opposed to what real Americans believe."

"This way, if by some accident one of these people gets elected, we can immediately remove them from office, and find a real American to fill the job -- which is especially important for presidents."

Bachmann was confident the Impeach Democratic Presidents Bill would pass the Republican-dominated Congress.

NOTE: This piece is satirical. Quotations are fabrications for the purpose of satire.

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