'Impeachment: American Crime Story' Unveils Beanie Feldstein's Monica Lewinsky

The next installment of the Ryan Murphy series showcases the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton.

With a twice-impeached president barely in the rearview mirror, Ryan Murphy is ready to relish in the historical distance from another with the next installment of “American Crime Story.”

Premiering on FX in September, “Impeachment: American Crime Story” is taking on Bill Clinton’s presidency and his sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky to reexamine the ’90s scandal that shook the nation.

The 10-episode limited series will center around “the national crisis that led to the first impeachment of a U.S. President in over a century,” according to the network. Beanie Feldstein stars as Lewinsky and Clive Owen portrays Clinton in the series, which is based on attorney Jeffrey Toobin’s “A Vast Conspiracy: The Real Sex Scandal that Nearly Brought Down a President.”

“It tells this story through the eyes of the women at the center of the events: Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp and Paula Jones,” the series logline reads. “All three were thrust into the public spotlight during a time of corrosive partisan rancor, shifting sexual politics and a changing media landscape. The series shows how power lifts some and disposes of others in the halls of our most sacred institutions.”

FX released the first poster for the series on Monday, with Feldstein’s Lewinsky sporting her signature blue dress and beret as she stands in the shadow of the White House.

The 28-year-old “Booksmart” actor also shared the image on her own account, writing in the caption: “Every side has a story.”

In another photo released by the network, Feldstein can be seen fully transformed into Lewinsky in the series’ 90′s-era recreation of the White House.

The real-life Monica Lewinsky signed on to produce the series in 2019 after Murphy first optioned Toobin’s book and expressed that he wouldn’t feel right bringing Lewinsky’s story to the screen without her consent.

“Nobody should tell your story but you, and it’s kind of gross if they do,’” Murphy told The Hollywood Reporter last year. “If you want to produce it with me, I would love that; but you should be the producer and you should make all the goddamn money.’”

So far, the only other peek at “Impeachment: American Crime Story” has come from Paulson, who will play Linda Tripp, the whistleblower who exposed the scandal by providing nearly 20 hours of recorded conversations with Lewinsky.

The actor looks nearly unrecognizable in the role, which required her to wear heavy prosthetics and “body transformational accoutrements,” Paulson teased during a “Jimmy Kimmel Live” appearance last year.

The series will also star Edie Falco as former first lady Hillary Clinton, Billy Eichner as journalist Matt Drudge, Annaleigh Ashford as Paula Jones, Anthony Green as Al Gore, and Colin Hanks in an undisclosed role.

“Impeachment: American Crime Story” premieres Sept. 7 on FX.


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