Imperfect Perspective: Positive Vibes Only

Perspective. It’s an alternate lens that can save you. It’s the shining armor that can protect you from bitter, cynical experiences that have tainted your mind, body, and soul.

How many times in your life have you been told that your mind is a powerful weapon? Nonetheless, it’s your perspective that functions as the ammunition.

When it is fully loaded, it can defend and protect our sanity against hardships or it can become a source of deterioration, morphing our thoughts and feelings into our worst enemy.

Everyone has their own set of challenges, setbacks, and battles in this one life we have to live. I personally choose to take the road of empathy and understanding that my own personal battles cannot be rivaled or compared to the battles of others because everyone experiences life differently. If I can have love and compassion for people’s struggles and imperfections, then suddenly my own battles become a blessing in disguise – it’s all about perspective.

Perspective is where you will find the guidance, strength, and optimism, to move forward after being exposed to abuse, death, addiction, heartbreak, or any sort of disappointment. It accompanies itself with optimism, something that I practice and value in my everyday life. We obviously do not live in a perfect world, but it’s safe to say that people assume that optimistic people are just naïve to how the world works. In reality, people may accuse you of wearing rose-colored glasses to see the world in a positive light, but maybe it’s because they are just jealous that they do not have a pair and cannot see the world from a different point of view.

So let me keep it real with you.

First off, life is not fair. It never will be. When you accept this fact, you can focus on what it takes to move forward – to pick up the shavings from broken experiences and mold them into beautifully crafted masterpieces.

Secondly, you have a lot more than you think. We live in a competitive world where people show off via social media. This, in turn, reminds others of things they do not have. However, if we can omit our ego from our competitive drive, we can begin to empathize and take into consideration how other people feel.

Thirdly, we need to start thinking happy thoughts. Life is twisted and no matter what, there are going to be times where you will face difficulties. When you look around you, you observe the desolate fact of life which is that you will see people with more money than you, people with a better job, people with family support, people with an ideal relationship, and so much more. Why did you get the short end of the stick, huh? You didn’t. Again, it’s all about perspective. Look and appreciate the things that you DO have, regardless of how big or small they may be.

Fourthly, you have a long road ahead of you. Isn’t it funny that when you have a glitch in life, it seems to be permanent or never ending? Just remember that life is made up of mountains and valleys. You may be climbing a mountain in life’s journey, and you will eventually reach a valley. Just remember that you have climbed many mountains in comparison to your current situation. Let it remind you that you still have a long road ahead—and you can and will get through it. Plus, the scene at the top of the mountain always makes the hustle worth it.

Lastly, everyday is an opportunity to grow into a better version of yourself. We have all made mistakes, and some of us even have regrets. Perspective is the difference between an enslaved, deteriorated soul and a full, beautiful, optimistic heart. Regardless of where you came from, what you did and who you used to be, every day is a new opportunity to be a better version of yourself.

When I’m optimistic, I feel things passionately for myself and others. I put my whole heart into whatever I do. I focus on my strengths, cultivate and optimize my talents and abilities, and help others do the same. With that being said, be you. Be happy, be contagious, and realize that imperfection is perfection to a beautiful perspective.

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