Important Things You Need to Know before Hiring a Car Carrier


Are you planning to move your car to another location? Have you contacted various car carrier companies and got totally confused thinking which one to hire? Before hiring any car carrier, you need to know various things involved in the whole procedure of getting your car picked up from the location to the destination.

Here is a brief description of some of the important points which one must consider before hiring a car carrier:

Cost Involved and the Budget you can afford: First and foremost you will like to move your car by driving it yourself and if this does not seem to be a solution, you will definitely look for hiring a car carrier. The most important thing to consider here is the cost involved in this. You should define all your requirements to the company like where you need your car to be moved and whether it is in the same state or a different one. If you have more than one to be delivered, you can always bargain for the same. You should check if any in-transit costs are involved in this or not. It is always recommended to try and compare prices of different companies and finalize the one that comes under your budget.

Insurance offered by the Car Carrier: You should always check the validity of insurance certificate of the company and know what is included in the agreement, and it is always better to get everything in writing. In case of any unforeseen circumstances, this step will keep you safe. Always get your vehicle inspected by the inspection officer and take photographs of the same before the company takes the possession of the vehicle and remove loose items from the vehicle. It is important as most of the car carriers don't cover the damage done to the vehicle due to loose items kept inside it. Before filling out the Bill of Loading on delivery, do check the vehicle thoroughly for any kind of damage.

Check the Registration of Car Carrier: You should always check for the registration of the company. The company must be registered with The Department of Transport. The company should be able to provide you with the DOT number. And if in case your car is to be transported to another country, the company should also be registered with the Federal Maritime Commission. By this, you can save yourself from any kind of fraud.

Choose wisely between Open and Closed Car Carriers: Open carriers are less expensive, but at the same time they expose your car to the outside environment. In case of long routes, there are high chances of damage to the vehicle. Finally, you are to decide upon the importance of the open and closed carriers with respect to the costs involved and the budget you can afford.

Check the Payment Process beforehand: Most of the car carrier companies demand full payment before the product is delivered to the destination. You need to inquire about this beforehand because not all people are ready to pay the full payment in advance. You must inquire about the mode of payment also because not all companies accept cash payments.

Clarify Services offered by the Company: You should know well in advance about the services offered by the concerned car carrier companies before pick up till delivery of your vehicle. It will give you peace of mind and you will be clear about the facilities being made available to you.

Fix Pickup and Delivery time: The pickup and delivery time is always according to the client. So, you should know your rights well before hiring any car carrier company. The time should be according to your convenience level. Delivery should be taken before it gets dark, otherwise, it would get difficult to see for small damages if any. With car hauling service provider, you can fix timings well in advance and get a completely stress free service.

Prepare your Car before Moving:
You should remove all accessories, like music systems perfumes and data cables from your car before giving it to the car carrier company. The car should be washed before inspection so that even small scratches can be easily seen. Petrol tank should be made completely dry and a photocopy of all documents and papers should be kept inside the car.

Read Contract Details Carefully: It is very important to read the whole contract before deciding upon the car carrier. It should have every point in written that have been agreed upon. Do not ignore the contract details as your ignorance can lead to extra costs.

You surely love your car as everyone does. Following these points will give you a very positive experience. So, love your car and stay alerted!