The same letters when placed in this context now have a totally different meaning.

All one has to do is add a punctuation mark between the first three words, and voilà! From impossible I can now claim that I am possible. All that I needed was a mind shift.

As I write this, what I have come to understand for sure is that when something difficult occurs, something else becomes possible.

Like many people I too have had my share of difficulties and disappointments. They are a part of life and absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. In hindsight, some of those seem small now, while others so heartbreaking and traumatic that I thought I would never overcome the grief.

Time heals all wounds as the saying goes. But try telling that to someone going thru a life altering experience and they will tell you that you wouldn't understand because you have not lived thru their traumas.

The end of 2013 thru 2014 and much of 2015 were wrought with grief and heartbreak. Things seemed to go wrong at every turn, and I was plunged into a deep trough. I tried to work, work, and work some more to overcome my despair, all to no avail. It's a long story and perhaps you and I will sit in front of a fireplace some day and I will recount it over a glass of wine.

But that is not why I am writing this. I write this to offer you hope. That whatever you are going thru today, "this too shall pass". All is possible.

What did I do when all was taken from me? The person I had become no one could take away from me. They had hoped to break me. That is what they had hoped for. But they failed. Miserably.

So, instead, what did I do? I picked up a pen and started writing. I took a sabbatical from designing, and I wrote and wrote frantically. My memoir, Unveiled: A Celebrity Fashion Designer's Story, is written and will be published soon.

And having written my memoir? I just could not put down my pen. I have so much to say that I have gone on to writing 3 other books, two of which I hope to publish this year: The SoulMate Checklist and 7 Types of Men To Avoid.

It's true what they say, that we write on subjects we would like to learn about the most. Writing these books on relationships has given me many ah-ha moments as I hope it will you too when you read them.

Best part? I cleared debris. I found things that I love, that give me joy. I am infinitely happier.

Looking back on my life, from the vantage point of a person who now writes all the time and is enjoying the role of author, I can see the learning.

I have learned that life is unpredictable. The worst, or what feels like the worst, can happen to the best of us. It may well be the Universe's idea of being funny, or perhaps to give us a rude wake up call. Where we were sleep walking, we are now awakened with a jolt. Where we were taking everything and everyone in our lives for granted, we now learn to appreciate even the littlest things and the kindness people show us.

We fail. We fall. We scrape our knees and get bruised and we're shaken to the core too. And boy oh boy! Are we scared or what? Inevitably we are heart broken and devastated as well.

And if we are lucky, we come out the other side a better human being. A being with more compassion, with a deeper awareness of who we are and what it is that we hold dear. We gain clarity on how we want to love in this world, the legacy we want to leave. Suddenly we are awake to our true sense of purpose and realize that it is much bigger than anything we had ever envisioned for ourselves.

We also know without a doubt those we will allow into our lives, those we want to work with, what we are responsible for. We are clear on what, and who are none of our business or our responsibilities any longer.

I now have clarity on all of the above. Moreover, I have come to see my strengths and am aware that I can do things I never believed I could. For that I am eternally grateful.

Today I raise my glass and toast to all of you. To the universe and all the powers that be. Know that even thru all the difficulties you face, nothing is impossible.

This is the truth as I have come to understand it today. I can shed the old me, and welcome the new me. That was then and this is now. I welcome you to do the same.

The following quote pretty much sums up my life today.

"My barn having burned down, I can now see the moon"
~Mizuta Masahide
17th century Japanese poet and samurai

© Rani St. Pucchi, 2016
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