Strangers Transform Busy NYC Crosswalk Into Ballroom Dance Hall

Comedy collective Improv Everywhere organized this wonderful stunt.

Improv Everywhere’s latest stunt brought ballroom-dancing strangers to a busy crosswalk in Manhattan -- prompting plenty of smiles and confused double-takes.

In the video above, watch as pedestrians bump into each other and partner up for a bit of dancing in front of New York’s Penn Station on 7th Avenue. The crosswalk is “one of the busiest spots in the city,” the comedy collective wrote on its website on Tuesday. The dancers in the clip can be seen boogying right until the “Don’t Walk” countdown clock reaches zero.

The group said it found participants for the stunt by putting out a call to its New York City mailing list.

“For the most part participants didn’t know each other before this project, though some participated with their dance partners,” the collective said. “We had one loose rehearsal just to walk through the logistics [before the actual day].”

Improv Everywhere is the group behind the annual “No Pants Subway Ride.” It’s also organized several other ingenious flash mobs, like the somewhat creepy “mannequin mob” and the “frozen Grand Central” stunt.

The group replicated part of their “frozen” stunt in their latest ballroom dancing feat. Watch the video above to the end to see what we mean.


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