Improv Everywhere Pranks TED With Spinning Beach Ball Of Death (VIDEO)

WATCH: Improv Everywhere Pranks TED

Improv Everywhere brought it's latest prank to the stage of the recent TED conference, turning what seemed like a technical glitch into a performance art celebration of Mac-user anxiety.

Everyone who has ever used a Mac has seen -- and feared -- the "Spinning Beach Ball Of Death." And having it pop up during your TED talk is a fate we would wish on no one. In the prank, Eugene Cordero, in character as "Colin Robertson" is introduced in the usual way, only to take the stage and immediately find his presentation disrupted by a Mac error.

What happens next is glorious and surreal, and we demand that it happen every time we suffer the "spinning beach ball of death" from now on.

Take a look at the clip above and check out behind-the-scenes details and photos right here.

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