Improve an Internet Retailer 500's Technology and User Experience? Let's Do This.

Shindigz is an incredibly innovative company. They recognize how essential it is to their success that they constantly improve the service they provide to their customers. And over the years, they've seen great success by investing in eCommerce and growing their online business.

Unfortunately, like many companies, they are starting to feel the effects of an aging eCommerce platform. As they grow, technical challenges are starting to impede innovation and time-to-market needs. And it's much harder to keep pace with all of the advanced capabilities that new eCommerce platforms offer. It's a problem that every digital company has already faced or will soon face. When is the right time to lay a new digital foundation for this next wave of eCommerce growth?

Mike Pierce, CTO at Echidna, had a chance to talk to Bart Robinson, VP of Product Management at Shindigz, to see how Shindigz is working to innovate and continue to thrive in the eCommerce space.

eCommerce challenges

Mike Pierce: What unique eCommerce challenges does Shindigz face in growing your online business?
Bart Robinson: We have a complex product mix that includes many types, variations, and options. In addition, we provide customers with the ability to personalize thousands of products. While our systems are antiquated (and our sites reflect that with outdated user experiences), we're genuinely excited to work with Mozu and Echidna to help build a differentiated customer experience and transform technology from a burden into a pillar of growth.

Echidna and Mozu

Mike: So what led Shindigz to enlist the help of Echidna and Mozu?
Bart: We knew we had an opportunity to grow our business, but we also knew we needed to make some significant changes in order to do so. First, we needed to fundamentally change our ability to leverage technology as a pillar of growth. Second, we needed a partner to help craft a customer experience that would become a point of differentiation in the market.
We're confident Mozu provides the right technology and Echidna is the right partner to help us reinvent our sites and highlight the amazing products and services we have. While we're positioned for growth, it's the partnership with Mozu and Echidna that provides us with the confidence we'll be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

Enabling growth

Mike: How do you see Echidna and Mozu fitting into Shindigz' plans for eCommerce growth?
Bart: We have aggressive growth plans, but we know we need to transform our technology and the experience it drives in order to succeed. These are foundational elements, and we're excited to partner with both Mozu and Echidna to help us reinvent our business. The Mozu platform provides the flexibility and scalability needed to grow our business, and Echidna is helping us leverage technology to craft a differentiated customer experience.
Echidna clearly has the eCommerce acumen to help us create an industry-leading experience; but it's really the spirit of partnership that they continuously demonstrate that provides us with confidence we'll succeed. In short, we're extremely confident that the combination of Mozu and Echidna is our path to realizing our growth plans.

Shindigz knows the time is now. They're driven, passionate and dedicated to building amazing experiences for their customers. It's incredibly exciting to work side-by-side with people who are so committed.