Improve Focus At Work: 8 Ways To Stay On Track After Daylight Savings

Cyberloafing Monday: How Daylight Savings Time Hurts Productivity (And 8 Ways To Fight Back)

Early Sunday morning, we lost an all-too-precious hour of sleep -- and today we're likely losing something else: productivity.

A recent study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology concluded that sleepy employees spend dramatically more time "cyber-loafing" -- or browsing the Internet in a way that's not related to work -- on the Monday after the start of daylight saving time. Looking at six years worth of Google data, the researchers found a marked spike in searches related to entertainment when compared to other Mondays during the year.

The researchers also conducted an experiment, where they found that the less people slept, the more likely they were to cyber-loaf when listening to a boring lecture.

So if you're struggling to stay on task today, take heart in the fact that you're not alone. Click through these eight strategies to keep yourself focused -- then be sure to hit the hay early tonight.

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